Why Mobile Storage

Deciding on how to store your personal items can be a very stressful decision. After all, if you’re considering paying to store something, it must be pretty important to you. Mobile or portable storage units are very popular at the moment, and for good reason.

  1. They are a great option if you are planning to move.

Mobile storage units, are well, mobile. Meaning if you have a storage unit and decide to move, you won’t have to unload the unit, pack it up and move it yourself. It can be moved for you. One less thing to worry about during the agony of moving.

  1. They are much cheaper than standard storage units.

Renting a storage unit can get pricey. Mobile storage units are typically much cheaper (sometimes as much as 50% cheaper per foot), and that is always nice.

  1. They just make things simpler.

In the long run it is easier to rent a mobile storage unit than to rent a standard one. In most cases you tell the company what size you want and they deliver it. And when you’re finished they come and pick it up again. Nice and easy.

Well there you have it, a few reasons why mobile storage units are a great option. And here are a few tips for packing your mobile storage unit.

  1. Make sure you get furniture pads. These will keep your furniture and other valuables from being scratched.
  2. Make sure and pack your unit tightly. Making sure to place furniture pads in between items to help avoid shifting while in transit.
  3. Be sure to have rope and a dolly. Don’t strain yourself trying to move heavy items without a furniture dolly. Also, make sure to use rope to tie down anything that might shift during transit.

So there you are, we hope these tips come in handy! Call us or make a reservation today. We have a variety of packages to suit your needs and we serve all of the Atlanta Metro Area.

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