Socially Distant and Spooky Celebrations for Home

How do we save Halloween this year? In the age of a pandemic, parents are scrambling to make sure this holiday doesn’t slip by without some special aspects to make it memorable for their little ones. Socially distanced celebrations are on the list of things to think about this year. We had a Mobile Storage Depot customer share that she keeps her projector in her storage unit all year, but takes it out on Halloween to create an at-home movie night for her kids in the backyard. We heard that and realized we need to share party ideas and ideas to help our customers make everyday special.  We have explored all of the options and alternatives and hope you enjoy some of our ideas to help get your mind going on making Halloween special. It’s going to take a little effort to make everything extra special, but it’s totally worth it. Here are some great ways to celebrate this Halloween that involves no contact that we think you’re all going to love.

  1. Play a Halloween game.
  2. Watch a scary movie (the Adam’s Family on Netflix)
  3. Make a spooky snack
  4. And some spooky sweets
  5. Put on a Halloween playlist
  6. Choreograph and film a Halloween dance
  7. Paint your faces
  8. Deliver treats to neighbors by leaving them on their doorstep
  9. Make a fall craft
  10. Halloween-themed scavenger hunt