Mobile Storage Units for Armed Service Members

For many members of the armed service, getting deployed is a very real possibility. Now some deployments can be short term ( a few months or less) and some can be long term (up to several years). But either way, they are always nerve-racking. And one of the many concerns facing a soon to be deployed service member is: what am I going to do with my possessions while I’m away?

Mobile storage units are a great option in this situation. Most mobile storage unit companies offer a discount to armed service members (10% usually), which is good, but ours is usually well below that. The units  offer great security and are usually cheaper than standard storage units (sometimes as much as 50% cheaper per foot). And even more than that when factoring in the military discount!

They also offer great flexibility. Mobile storage units can be rented for a few weeks or several years depending on your needs. So whether you’re being deployed for a couple months or longer, they will have you covered!

All in all it is one less thing you and your loved ones have to worry about while dealing with the stress of deployment. You call the mobile storage unit company, they send one of the units to your home, you pack it up, and they haul it away. What could be simpler than that? And simple is definitely something you need when dealing with an impending deployment.

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