How To Rent A Storage Container Without Spending An Arm And A Leg

You need to move and it will require a temporary storage container to get you from house A to house B. You search storage containers or portable storage to rent, you are then offered many different solutions to your problem. How do you go about renting a storage unit and NOT blow your moving budget at the same time?

  1. Shop local – corporate storage places overblown pricing to cover their huge overhead. Your best bet is find a smaller, local company that doesn’t have those big costs to handle each month. Odd are you will get a lower price and bonus, a more personalized experience.
  2. Plan ahead – knowing your moving dates and planning according to those will prevent unnecessary time spent with an empty container sitting in your driveway. When coordinating a move, efficiency is king.
  3. Military discounts – companies offer these as an incentive to rent to veterans and we are no exception. When inquiring about your storage plans, ask this question. Some storage companies do not offer the discount, but do you even want to work with a company that doesn’t honor those serving our country?
  4. Warehouse storage – make sure the company you go with has storage available should those moving plans go awry. Things happen and move in dates a can change in an instant, so be sure you aren’t choosing a company that doesn’t just warehouse empty containers. You want the option to do long term storage should you need it.
  5. Know thyself – have a good handle on what your needs are. Placing most of the stored items in one room before transferring to your unit will help you get an idea of what your square footage needs will be.
  6. Labor – from your loader to the office staff, make sure you get a good service from the people you interact with. At Mobile Storage Depot, we aim for a seamless customer experience. We guide you to ensure your moving journey is a pain-free as possible. When things go wrong, you want to have a full service staff that can help you manage.
  7. Flexible delivery options – check the company’s cancelation policy and ask about flexible planning when you inquire about storage. This feature can make or break your budget when surprises pop up.

That concludes our list of the ways to avoid spending an arm and a leg. If you like what you read, consider placing a reservation with our Georgia storage company.