Four Ways to Keep Your Belongings Safe for Storage

  1. Use quality cardboard boxes. It may be tempting to use cheap cardboard boxes but in the long run, your items will fare better inside a quality constructed box rather than a flimsy one. Stacking one on top of the other, you truly do need your boxes to have structural integrity to get the job done.
  2. Protect with packing supplies. Bubble wrap, newspaper or packing peanuts are the way to go when storing precious, breakable items.
  3. Label your boxes – invest in that Sharpie marker and take the time to clearly label the contents of each box. Labeling helps ensure that everyone handling your things will know what it is and where to put it.
  4. Disassemble large pieces. Take drawers out of dressers and take apart that big table. Be sure to store the pieces in a way that protects the finish and structural integrity of the piece.