Four things that make your house ready to sell

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As the real estate market heats up this summer for Peachtree City residents, there are several things homeowners can do to compete in a sizzling market. Peachtree City has always been an attractive location for families. Boasting over 90 miles of golf cart trails, beautiful lakes and excellent schools, it is a smart choice for those looking to purchase homes. The establishment of the film and television industry job market in South Atlanta in the last decade has brought an added dimension of attraction for home buyers. This influx of residents to Fayetteville, Peachtree City and Newnan areas has brought a fresh crop of buyers into this quiet area. This growth has then spurred construction development projects of commercial and residential types throughout the South Atlanta. If you live in Peachtree City and plan on selling your home, here are four things to do before putting it on the market:

  1. Repairs: If you’re handy enough to do these yourself, save money by repairing small things around the house. Know your limits though! If the project is beyond your scope, be sure to hire a professional with all the right tools and expertise.
  2. Cleaning and decluttering: No one wants to move into a home that looks lived in. Get those knick-knacks and family keepsakes into a storage unit while you show your home to potential buyers. Clean, simple decor is best to bring out the imagination of your buyer. Give them a clean slate to work with.
  3. Curb appeal: make your home attractive from the road. As a buyer, there is nothing more dissappointing than turning a corner to see a potential home and seeing a less than stellar front yard. There are small ways to increase curb appeal on a budget such as painting your front door, pressure washing the driveway or planting new flowers.
  4. Storage: minimize and organize storage areas in the home so you don’t give buyers the impression that the home lacks storage. Storage is a key decision for buyers. If they don’t feel there is enough storage space, they will pass on a home. Clean out that garage, walk-in closet or basement to make them appear more empty. Maximize the potential storage spaces to give buyers an inviting look into their storage options. Again, renting a small storage unit while listing your home is an excellent way for you to keep your things, while making your home the best offer on the block.