Fast Moves: Students Face Rapid Exit Spring 2020

It came so much sooner than expected. Students were just feeling the warm weather start in Georgia as they rounded out the month of February. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19) came into the American consciousness and drove school administrators to make the difficult decision to end the school year early. This impact was felt across Georgia campuses. From the big schools such as Georgia Tech, Agnes Scott, UGA and Emory, to the smaller schools such as Georgia State University and Berry College, all students felt the abrupt end to a wonderful year and very quickly needed to arrange moving services.

Storage that can be delivered to a dorm room is ideal for such a situation. We’ve been providing inexpensive and fast storage solutions for students migrating home in the month of March and April. We discounted our 5×8 storage container to include delivery and pickup until August for students who need storage now. We drop it off, you fill it and we pick it up and keep it until you need it again. We are the premier choice for students returning home for the remainder of spring and summer of 2020.

Student storage container moving because of coronavirus