Construction and Restoration Storage

Storage home construction, remodel, damage restoration s in Peachtree City
Your home is your most important asset. There may come a time that a homeowner will either restore, remodel or enact a large construction project that requires removing personal items such as furniture and personal belongings from your home. To keep your home’s contents safe and within close reach, consider renting a mobile storage unit. Our services include:

  • Storage and management
  • Storing fixtures in a safe location
  • Inventory storage on-site
  • Storage for disaster recovery
  • Storage for construction projects
  • Storage for home remodel
  • Storing furniture & personal belongings
  • Storage for salvageable items
  • Transport to our secure, centrally located warehouse in Peachtree City
  • On-site 8′ x 10′ x 7′ steel containers
  • On-site 5′ x 8′ steel containers
  • Make the process of disaster restoration or construction seamless and smooth. Mobile Storage Depot will provide you with affordable and flexible storage solutions during your project.
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