Benefits Of Mobile Storage

We deliver a Mobile Storage Depot vault directly to your door or parking space. You do not need to rent a truck or find some other way to move your belongings into storage.

LESS WORK: You will load your belongings directly into storage. You only have to handle your goods one time which cuts your work time in half as well as reduces the possibility of damaging your possessions—less handling means less lifting for you.

EASY ACCESS: Call us 24 hours in advance and we will place your Mobile Storage vault in our customer viewing area for easy and convenient access. Or, we can bring your Mobile Storage vault to you (fees apply) so you can add or remove items from storage.

YOU LOCK IT: Once you have packed your Mobile Storage vault you will feel secure by locking your valuables with your own lock, in our weather-resistant vaults. Also, it will be stored in our secure and clean warehouse. We offer you peace of mind by keeping the elements out.

PREVENTING DAMAGE TO YOUR BELONGINGS: A Mobile Storage vault is the same size and type that the moving industry has used for over 50 years. You can pack your belongings tightly to prevent damage from shifting loads, and they are “breathable” to prevent damage caused by humidity. We can even deliver professional packing supplies.

TAKE YOUR TIME: Take as much time as you need to load the Mobile Storage vault. You do not have to worry about daily truck rental fees, allowing you to pack whenever you like. After work, weekends, or maybe just when friends can help—you decide.

SECURITY: Your Mobile Storage vault is stored in a secure and clean warehouse. Our warehouse has a 24-hour monitoring system, sprinkler system, and monthly bug and pest treatments.

YOU SAVE MONEY: Mobile Storage’s efficient method of storing allows us to pass the savings on to you. You are not required to sign a long term contract. Everything is month to month, and our delivery system means saying goodbye to expensive truck rentals.

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