10 Student Moving Tips for 2021

student move atlanta georgia portable storageSpring has sprung and students everywhere are preparing to move out of their dorms for the summer. Read our 10 tips for an easy student move.

  1. Use your school’s moving checklist as a starting point to plan your move. Most schools provide detailed information that is required upon your exit. Whether you attend Georgia Tech, Georgia State or Emory University, your school should provide you with a list to guide you.
  2. Pare down your belongings. Moving is stressful enough, moving as a clutterbug is twice as hard.
  3. Donate. Give away any item you haven’t used in the last year. Regularly filling a donation bag and taking it to Goodwill or another charity store will make your moving day so much lighter.
  4. Use what you have instead of buying moving supplies. Wrap delicate, breakable items in a towel. Put your full length mirror inside your bedspread. Pack luggage with spare clothing. The possibilities are endless to use items you already own creatively.
  5. Buy the insurance policy. It is better to protect your items with the peace of mind of an insurance policy. Click here to see our insurance pricing.
  6. Make a list of items you have packed. Nothing helps the move back into the dorm more than having a list to refer back to. Come fall, you will wonder where you put your Philosophy 101 book to resell and having a list will make finding it so much easier.
  7. Start now. Do a small amount each day long before spring semester winds down. You’ll be thankful as you take your final exams, that you spent the time early on packing and arranging things.
  8. Research your storage company. You want a company that is trustworthy and has good customer service. This may take some calling around, but research before you rent and you’ll be grateful when your move is smooth because you have a great storage company.
  9. Make a tool bag specifically for moving day. You’ll need a hammer, screwdrivers, packing tape and other ancillary items that will assist you in your move. Think ahead about the tools you normally search for when you move and set those aside in bag that can easily be located on moving day.
  10. Schedule your room inspection. Most schools require you complete a room condition report or room inspection upon moving out of your dorm. Sign up early so you aren’t lingering at your dorm even after you’ve moved out just to get your inspection done.

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