6 Tips for a Seamless Student Move

The college school year is in its final stages and the time has come for you to move out of your dorm. Those of you coming back in the fall will need a strategy that will be both easy and efficient as you relocate for the brief summer break. Here are our top six tips for moving out of your college dorm or apartment. 

  1. Plan ahead – Here it a little secret, moving day is simply a day that you show up to move boxes. It is a culmination of all the hard work you’ve already done. There shouldn’t be any packing on this day, except for incidentals. The best way to prepare for moving day is to make a schedule 4-6 weeks in advance that outlines which items will be boxed up at particular time points. For example, winter clothing can be boxed up 5 weeks before move date or books will be boxed up 1 week before move date. This allows you to have an inventory of categories of items and a schedule for when they will be boxed. PLAN AHEAD!
  2. Schedule time – Dedicate a manageable amount of time toward moving each day weeks before your move date. Spend about one hour each day working on your move. This may include calling movers, arranging storage unit pick up and delivery or going to the store to purchase bubble wrap. As you go through your spring semester, you’ll want to keep in mind that a move is coming at the end. So even though final exams will be weighing on you, just remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you’ll want to spend a small amount of time each day dedicated to making that happen smoothly. 
  3. Categorize – As you get closer to move out day, start making categories of belongings. Create boxes of things that will not be needed until fall semester and label these boxes “Fall Semester.” Additionally, create boxes that will hold things you will need over the summer.  
  4. Call a donation organization – as you get closer to your move out date, you will likely be coming across many items that you’ve either never used or used so infrequently that it makes more sense to donate than to store. Most organizations will allow you to schedule a pick up ahead of time to make it convenient for everyone involved. Don’t bring things to into your fall semester that you didn’t use! Purge, purge, purge! 
  5. Bags – We would all love to be perfect at packing boxes, but the truth is on moving day there will be things you didn’t anticipate that require packing. This is where blue Ikea bags and black garbage bags come in handy. Having 5-10 Ikea bags at the ready will surely help you transport incidental items that you never anticipated (cue your summer-abroad-traveling-roomate’s stuffed animal collection she’s begging you to keep for her).  Having large bags around to help with these unanticipated things will help and for $1.49 per bag, you can’t beat that deal. 
  6. Storage – Find a local storage company. Whatever you are planning to do over the summer, you will likely want to store your things locally. We offer storage containers that are delivered to your dorm, you fill and then we pick up. We have one of the lowest cost university student storage services in the Atlanta area. Reserve yours here. 

In conclusion, don’t let this task sneak up on you! We know the end of the Spring semester can be a busy time, but planning ahead on your move will surely pay off as you enjoy your summer. Planning and managing your move will feel like a breeze when you follow these tips.