Important questions to ask about your RV and Boat Storage

Recreational vehicle storage is so important to protect your investment. Your RV or boat needs a safe, dry and reliable place to stay while you aren’t using it. Here at Mobile Storage Depot, we store your recreational vehicle or boat inside or outside of our warehouse, depending on your needs. When shopping for a good place to park your RV, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before deciding where to go.

Location – Where will your RV being staying? How close is it to your home? When you want to play, are you able to access the vehicle easily? What are the office hours of the storage facility and how good is the staff with communication?

Safety – Will you be storing your RV inside or out? If it is stored outside, how safe is the neighborhood? What other businesses are around and what type of traffic will they be drawing in? If it is stored inside, what security measures does the storage facility take to ensure your investment is protected?

Accessibility – How large of a parking lot / parking space is it? Are you able to stay for longer periods to work on your RV or will that be a problem with the storage facility?

Reliability – How long has the storage facility been around? Is it a trusted place of business? What have you heard about their services and are they worthy to be the babysitters of your RV or boat?

There are so many things to think about when entrusting your RV or boat with a storage company. Call, click or come by today to talk about storing your RV with us at 770-487-8220 or email us at

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