Seven Tips to a Better Home Office

According to the US Census Bureau, In 2010, 13.4 million people worked at least one day at home per week, an increase of over 4 million people (35 percent) in the last decade. There is a vastly expanding workforce of people who need to carve out a workspace for themselves in their own homes. This presents many challenges as we all know we have too much stuff.

Where do you find a spot for your home office? What things could be moved around or possibly put into storage to free up space in your home? Here are our top seven tips for organizing your home office.

1. Nooks and Crannies
We all need more space. When you are working within limits of a smaller space, you can reclaim an unused corner or nook by fitting in a desk and filing cabinet. You can even make a hallway, closet or an old amoire into an office space, as long as it is quiet and distraction free.

2. Double Duty
Multi-use furniture is your friend. Use ottomans for extra storage or maybe use a vanity as a desk. Get creative here because multiuse furniture can be immensly helpful in saving space.

3.Erect Barriers
Room dividers, screens, bookcases can all serve as visual and sometimes audible barriers that would keep a feeling of being in a private space.

4.Perfect Your Posture
Make sure you have a good, comfortable chair. Investing money into a quality chair is important considering how much you will be sitting there. Better sitting leads to a more productive work experience.

5. Continuity and Theme
With your storage boxes and accessories, choose consistent neutral and calming tones. Make the look and feel similar for all of your office items. This helps remind you that your time spent there is for working.

6. Head North
Remember if you don’t have the horizontal space to spread out, be sure to go up. You an install sturdy shelves or cabinetry and keep relevant supplies handy.

7. Box it up
Sometimes you just need to take the plunge and rent a storage unit. Take that furniture, extra physical assets that you just can’t let go of and put it into a storage unit. These units can be delivered to your home and at your own pace, you can fill it with the things you want to keep, but just don’t want to keep at home.

Use these tips when creating and organizing your home office. Rent a storage unit from us with these specials and remember that military and student discounts apply. Reserve online today or call us directly at 770–487–8220.

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