Home Emergency Checklist When Storing Your Possessions

What do you do when disaster strikes and everything in your home has been damaged? Unfortunately, you aren’t human if you haven’t experienced a home emergency. Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, things like water damage, fire and other events can wreak havoc on your home and your possessions. After you’ve called your insurance company, after you’ve determined just what will be remaining, you will probably need storage in the interim to get you through the repairs that take place. Here are some tips when going through your things to determine  how to store them:

  • First purchase boxes and other packing supplies.
  • Price out what you can afford
  • Start with a checklist of large items such as furniture, that you need storage for. Remember to measure these items so you know the size storage unit you will need.
  • Once you know your measurements, price out what you can afford in terms of storage units. You may want to rent a space without a contract because the length of time needed could vary.
  • Begin boxing all items that haven’t been damaged and create a detailed inventory list, which could be useful later for insurance purposes.
  • Create a section of your home that will be dedicated to damaged items, also inventory this list for insurance purposes.
  • Set aside personal items you will need to have for daily needs, toiletries, a good amount of clothing, computers, important documents and bills that need immediate attention.
  • Determine if the storage company you choose has vehicle parking in case you need to park an RV or auto.

No one likes to go through home emergencies, but keeping your things safe while you are in the process will give you peace of mind beyond measure. Call us about our specials today or make a reservation directly and we can help get you through it. We also offer movers and truck rentals if needed.


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