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Important questions to ask about your RV and Boat Storage

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Recreational vehicle storage is so important to protect your investment. Your RV or boat needs a safe, dry and reliable place to stay while you aren’t using it. Here at Mobile Storage Depot, we store your recreational vehicle or boat inside or outside of our warehouse, depending on your needs. When shopping for a good place to park your RV, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before deciding where to go.

Location – Where will your RV being staying? How close is it to your home? When you want to play, are you able to access the vehicle easily? What are the office hours of the storage facility and how good is the staff with communication?

Safety – Will you be storing your RV inside or out? If it is stored outside, how safe is the neighborhood? What other businesses are around and what type of traffic will they be drawing in? If it is stored inside, what security measures does the storage facility take to ensure your investment is protected?

Accessibility – How large of a parking lot / parking space is it? Are you able to stay for longer periods to work on your RV or will that be a problem with the storage facility?

Reliability – How long has the storage facility been around? Is it a trusted place of business? What have you heard about their services and are they worthy to be the babysitters of your RV or boat?

There are so many things to think about when entrusting your RV or boat with a storage company. Call, click or come by today to talk about storing your RV with us at 770-487-8220 or email us at info@mobilestoragedepot.com

Also, you can go directly to our reservations page here.

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Home Office Storage Peachtree City, Georgia

Seven Tips to a Better Home Office

According to the US Census Bureau, In 2010, 13.4 million people worked at least one day at home per week, an increase of over 4 million people (35 percent) in the last decade. There is a vastly expanding workforce of people who need to carve out a workspace for themselves in their own homes. This presents many challenges as we all know we have too much stuff.

Where do you find a spot for your home office? What things could be moved around or possibly put into storage to free up space in your home? Here are our top seven tips for organizing your home office.

1. Nooks and Crannies
We all need more space. When you are working within limits of a smaller space, you can reclaim an unused corner or nook by fitting in a desk and filing cabinet. You can even make a hallway, closet or an old amoire into an office space, as long as it is quiet and distraction free.

2. Double Duty
Multi-use furniture is your friend. Use ottomans for extra storage or maybe use a vanity as a desk. Get creative here because multiuse furniture can be immensly helpful in saving space.

3.Erect Barriers
Room dividers, screens, bookcases can all serve as visual and sometimes audible barriers that would keep a feeling of being in a private space.

4.Perfect Your Posture
Make sure you have a good, comfortable chair. Investing money into a quality chair is important considering how much you will be sitting there. Better sitting leads to a more productive work experience.

5. Continuity and Theme
With your storage boxes and accessories, choose consistent neutral and calming tones. Make the look and feel similar for all of your office items. This helps remind you that your time spent there is for working.

6. Head North
Remember if you don’t have the horizontal space to spread out, be sure to go up. You an install sturdy shelves or cabinetry and keep relevant supplies handy.

7. Box it up
Sometimes you just need to take the plunge and rent a storage unit. Take that furniture, extra physical assets that you just can’t let go of and put it into a storage unit. These units can be delivered to your home and at your own pace, you can fill it with the things you want to keep, but just don’t want to keep at home.

Use these tips when creating and organizing your home office. Rent a storage unit from us with these specials and remember that military and student discounts apply. Reserve online today or call us directly at 770–487–8220.

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Atlanta Georgia Storage Military Discounts

Mobile Storage Units for Armed Service Members

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For many members of the armed service, getting deployed is a very real possibility. Now some deployments can be short term ( a few months or less) and some can be long term (up to several years). But either way, they are always nerve-racking. And one of the many concerns facing a soon to be deployed service member is: what am I going to do with my possessions while I’m away?

Mobile storage units are a great option in this situation. Most mobile storage unit companies offer a discount to armed service members (10% usually), which is good, but ours is usually well below that. The units  offer great security and are usually cheaper than standard storage units (sometimes as much as 50% cheaper per foot). And even more than that when factoring in the military discount!

They also offer great flexibility. Mobile storage units can be rented for a few weeks or several years depending on your needs. So whether you’re being deployed for a couple months or longer, they will have you covered!

All in all it is one less thing you and your loved ones have to worry about while dealing with the stress of deployment. You call the mobile storage unit company, they send one of the units to your home, you pack it up, and they haul it away. What could be simpler than that? And simple is definitely something you need when dealing with an impending deployment.

Contact us today about mobile storage during your deployment at 770-487-8220 or click here.

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Mother hugging teenage son as he packs for college

Why Mobile Storage Units are Great for College Students

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So it happened! You are finally legally an adult!  You are moving out of your parent’s house!  You are going off to college!  Congratulations!  Of course one thing you learn very early on as an “adult” is that moving is horrible.  Moving is incredibly stressful, difficult, and time consuming.  But what are your other options? Leaving most of your stuff at your mom’s house?  I doubt that would go over well.  Selling or getting rid of your prized possessions?  That sounds horrible.  But not to worry, you do have other options. Have you considered storing your belongings during the school semester?

I know what you are going to say: won’t I still have to rent a moving van and transfer all my stuff to the storage unit by myself?  Well that’s the great thing about mobile storage units.  Basically you call the storage company and order a storage unit.  Then that empty unit is dropped off in front of your house, you load it, and then it gets picked up and taken to a secure warehouse.  No muss no fuss.

Another great thing is that there are a variety of sizes of storage units to choose from.  Don’t have a lot of stuff?  Get a small storage unit.  Have a ton of stuff? Get a large storage unit.

But what about the cost?  Doesn’t it cost a pretty penny to rent a storage unit?  Well on average renting a mobile storage unit is often much cheaper than renting a standard storage unit.  Especially if you only need one for a semester or two.

So there you have it, the many reasons why mobile storage units are a great option for any college student.  So stop stressing about what to do with all your stuff and consider renting one as soon as possible! Call us or make a reservation today. We have a variety of packages to suit your needs and we serve all of the Atlanta Metro Area.

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Mobile Storage Depot Peachtree City Georgia

Why Mobile Storage

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Deciding on how to store your personal items can be a very stressful decision. After all, if you’re considering paying to store something, it must be pretty important to you. Mobile or portable storage units are very popular at the moment, and for good reason.

  1. They are a great option if you are planning to move.

Mobile storage units, are well, mobile. Meaning if you have a storage unit and decide to move, you won’t have to unload the unit, pack it up and move it yourself. It can be moved for you. One less thing to worry about during the agony of moving.

  1. They are much cheaper than standard storage units.

Renting a storage unit can get pricey. Mobile storage units are typically much cheaper (sometimes as much as 50% cheaper per foot), and that is always nice.

  1. They just make things simpler.

In the long run it is easier to rent a mobile storage unit than to rent a standard one. In most cases you tell the company what size you want and they deliver it. And when you’re finished they come and pick it up again. Nice and easy.

Well there you have it, a few reasons why mobile storage units are a great option. And here are a few tips for packing your mobile storage unit.

  1. Make sure you get furniture pads. These will keep your furniture and other valuables from being scratched.
  2. Make sure and pack your unit tightly. Making sure to place furniture pads in between items to help avoid shifting while in transit.
  3. Be sure to have rope and a dolly. Don’t strain yourself trying to move heavy items without a furniture dolly. Also, make sure to use rope to tie down anything that might shift during transit.

So there you are, we hope these tips come in handy! Call us or make a reservation today. We have a variety of packages to suit your needs and we serve all of the Atlanta Metro Area.

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Mobile Storage Depot Units Peachtree City South Atlanta

Home Emergency Checklist When Storing Your Possessions

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What do you do when disaster strikes and everything in your home has been damaged? Unfortunately, you aren’t human if you haven’t experienced a home emergency. Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, things like water damage, fire and other events can wreak havoc on your home and your possessions. After you’ve called your insurance company, after you’ve determined just what will be remaining, you will probably need storage in the interim to get you through the repairs that take place. Here are some tips when going through your things to determine  how to store them:

  • First purchase boxes and other packing supplies.
  • Price out what you can afford
  • Start with a checklist of large items such as furniture, that you need storage for. Remember to measure these items so you know the size storage unit you will need.
  • Once you know your measurements, price out what you can afford in terms of storage units. You may want to rent a space without a contract because the length of time needed could vary.
  • Begin boxing all items that haven’t been damaged and create a detailed inventory list, which could be useful later for insurance purposes.
  • Create a section of your home that will be dedicated to damaged items, also inventory this list for insurance purposes.
  • Set aside personal items you will need to have for daily needs, toiletries, a good amount of clothing, computers, important documents and bills that need immediate attention.
  • Determine if the storage company you choose has vehicle parking in case you need to park an RV or auto.

No one likes to go through home emergencies, but keeping your things safe while you are in the process will give you peace of mind beyond measure. Call us about our specials today or make a reservation directly and we can help get you through it. We also offer movers and truck rentals if needed.


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mobile storage container peachtree city, ga

Mobile Storage Solutions for the Home

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Remember the days you wanted to live off the grid? Sell all your stuff and live the simple life? Don’t sell your baseball card collection just yet. Storage has become economical and safe now. You can easily store all of your belongings and have the container dropped off and picked up.  If you are considering long travel or upgrading or selling your home, Mobile Storage Depot offers a convenient and affordable solution to give you peace of mind about your personal belongings while you modify your living space or live out your travel fantasies.

Home renovation and construction can be very stressful. Whether you have hired a contractor or are doing it yourself, using a mobile storage vault to store excess furniture, clothing, or other valuables is an excellent way to protect your assets until your space is ready.

The decision to sell your home brings with it a great deal of work if you want to get a top offer.

Reducing clutter is one of the most effective ways to stage your home to sell to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Using one of our storage spaces can make the process of staging and selling your home easier by providing a secure space to keep any extra clutter so you can get the most dollars.
Whether it is the need for more space, selling a house, moving or frequent traveling, trusting us to keep your belongings safe will give you peace of mind. Call us today at 770-487-8220 or click through to make a reservation.

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How do we store our business documents? Best practices for keeping your records safe.

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mobile storage for your business documents. Cloud, data, digital storage: We are all becoming familiar with these terms, but what about paper documents for your business? We all know that business documents are being increasingly moved to digital formats and being stored online. What about your actual paper documents?. If you’re like most business owners you will want to keep at least one hard copy of important business documents in hand. In fact the IRS recommends you keep business documents for tax purposes for at least 6 years or until they are no longer relevant. That is why  safe, secure and reliable document storage is so important.

You don’t have to do it yourself. There is often too much of it to keep at your business and it can be cumbersome. The space it takes up in the office, the cost of filing cabinets and keeping your physical documents is an unnecessary burden. MobileStorageDepot.com has a secure, centrally located facility to store your documents in Peachtree City. Only you and your staff will have access to your records whenever you need to them.

Storing physical documents can be a strain on you and your business, so make sure you call us to take care of all your business documents storage needs. We serve clients in the legal, healthcare, manufacturing, Insurance, entertainment and government sectors of business. We inspire trust and confidence in our clients, which is why they keep coming back to us to store all of their most important business documents in a safe, secure off-site facility.


Here are some tips when preparing to store your physical documents:

  • Come up with an organized system to archive your documents, if you don’t already have one.
  • Give files logical, specific names and include dates in file names if possible
  • Cull your files of unimportant documents.
  • Make sure you have a detailed inventory list for your documents that will make them accessible and easily retrievable at a later date.
  • Backup your files in a digital format  before putting them into physical storage.
  • Make sure only the most trusted employees have access to the storage unit and files.

If you follow these file management tips consistently, even if you don’t know where something is, you know where it should be – is a huge advantage when it comes to finding what you’re looking for.  Good file management practices will save your business time and money. Call us at 770-487-8220 for a free quote and more information or CLICK HERE TO MAKE A RESERVATION.


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Peachtree City Document Storage

Category : Document Storage

Mobile Storage Depot provides safe, low priced document and records portable storage options that maintain your information protected in a clean and organized environment with convenient accessibility for authorized requesters.

Paper records are typically placed in storage units for less active or finished files. These containers can easily be set apart for extended storage. For other documents that may need to be retrieved on occasion, we suggest a second unit that you can access at our site or have quickly returned to your Peachtree City business office.

If you are interested in learning more about storing your documents in our safe and secure warehouse, call our representatives at 770–487–8220 and we will be happy to help you with your document storage needs, or just click the button below to make a reservation.